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The Concrete Palette software is free.

Before going through this process make sure there is a local Ready Mix concrete company equipped with the Chameleon concrete color automation system by Huntsman in your project area. The Chameleon system makes the color you specify in the Concrete Palette.

To do this, type in the project locaton zip code in the search field on the lefthand side of this window. Make sure the ready mix concrete supplier is within 30 miles of your project location. If not, call your local ready mix producer and suggest they get a Chameleon system by Huntsman.

Software Version

Concrete Palette™ can be downloaded as a stand-alone application or it can be used when connected to the Internet. If you want to run Concrete Palette™ when you do not have access to the Internet, select the Stand-alone Version. If you do not want to install any software on your computer (other than Macromedia Shockwave), select the Internet Version.

Software Version: Internet (must be connected to the Internet to run)
Stand-alone (to be downloaded and installed)
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Using colors selected in the Concrete Palette requires a Ready Mix supplier in the area of your project. Please enter the zip code of your project and click the Verify Supplier button.

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